Posted by: JulieAloha | August 10, 2010

Geared up for PartyLite!

We had our Regional meeting last night – so good to see friends – and the new products! Absolutely beautiful! Great info and training, too; the Hostess program has changed slightly – rather than constantly trying to compute 25% of the retail sales, there are now strictly benchmarks – so much easier! And Hostesses get $50 for $14.95 for the 2nd booking from their party AND for each booking after that, no limits! Thank you PartyLite! There are special bonuses for New Consultants and their Sponsors, too – new consultants in their Brite Start period, their first three months of business, still don’t have to spend a dime to start, they can earn extra spending power with their Starter Show, and they can earn candle packs, Product Certificates, and good old hard cash AND they get more goodies for Sponsoring within their Brite Start AND the Consultant who Sponsored them gets goodies, too! Whooo hoooo, PartyLite!

I also learned that PartyLite is really aware that people’s budgets are tight, over 80% of the catalog is under $40, and there are 17 gifts which can be directly shipped to the giftee so the guest at the show doesn’t have to do that themselves. Plus, PartyLite’s Charity of Choice is the American Cancer Society – we raise money for the ACS every year by asking guests to round up their orders to the nearest dollar, that spare change really adds up! And this October we have a special item, one of the Scents of Illumination Martini Glasses in Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month, 5% of the proceeds goes directly to the ACS. PartyLite is a company that cares.

All this AND the all expense-paid Incentive Trip this year will be going to the Moon Resort and Spa in Cancun, Mexico! There’s no doubt, this is the PERFECT time to start your own business and PartyLite is the place to be!

Well, I’ll be sending out a packet to a brand new Consultant today – Yea, Victoria! – as someone said at the meeting last night, PartyLite is something everyone can try – it’s simple, it’s easy and it’s fun!  Check out my website for more information!

Come join the fun!

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