Posted by: JulieAloha | August 10, 2010

Mid-Summer Reflections

It occurred to me today that we’ve already passed Mid-Summer’s Eve – last Thursday I believe. We’re already on the downside of summer and heading for autumn. Granted, we haven’t had that much summer weather in Seattle this summer, but I decided at the end of last summer that I wouldn’t work this summer because I wanted to be fresh and refreshed when I began teaching again in the fall; this summer seems to be rushing rapidly past without due consideration. Don’t get me wrong, I have really enjoyed taking time off; I’m generally known for taking time, read procrastination, and I have excelled in this area this summer. But I guess I expected the time to flow at a more leisurely pace, deliberate and languid, slipping in quiet moments of reflection, being able to revel, nay wallow in having time to myself, time to spend as I see fit, even time to waste if I choose. Maybe if I lived in a bubble or on a desert island, away from cell phones and internet and obligation, but reality and process keep impinging on my summer musing with or without my regard. In the past few days I’ve engaged in a flurry of activity – reconnected with a host of old friends, finished my September lesson plans, in fact plans are almost complete from October to December. I’ve updated the Extended Care website, begun blogging again after a two month hiatus and reanimated my PartyLite business with a passion, so I suppose it isn’t any wonder I lost track of mid-summer in the rush and bother…but I hope, I aspire, I desire, and expect to pry a bit more ease and merriment, more undisturbed moments, and more tranquility out of this summer yet.


  1. Cool, you have a blog. Sounds like a fun-filled summer. You might be heading for autumn, but we’re headed into the busy part of hurricane season, so it will still feel like summer down here until November.


    • Yes, I have a friend in New Orleans who lost almost everything in Katrina – she’s rebuilt and has twins now – I think about her this time of year and pray lots!

      Don’t know if you saw my comment on Joe’s blog, but I’m so pleased Patrick’s education will progress! I’m praying for you and your family, too – do let me know if there’s any way I can help; I know it’s long distance, but I know plenty of teachers here who would be shocked and fired up about what y’all have endured and would love to help, too. God Bless!


  2. I like reading your blogs, Julie! They bring back memories from my daycare years, which were some of the favorite of my life. 🙂


    • Awww! That’s so sweet! We had some really good times – I miss the group we had back then, you and David J., Kelsey H., ALL the Ryans (I think we had 5 one year!), Andy E., etc., but every year brings new adventures (and challenges!) and I always look forward to the new school year! Say, “Hi!” to your mom for me!


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