Posted by: JulieAloha | September 21, 2010

Weekend: Sept 18-19, 2010: Puyallup Fair; IKEA…again!; What is with the Weather?!

Saturday was kind of a non-day – which is just what I needed after what seemed like an extraordinarily long week. I did some laundry, did some dishes, tackled a few minor piles on the window seat, listened to NPR all day, from Car Talk to Says You – and played a lot of Sims2. Sunday was the Big day this weekend – Nicole and I Do the Puyallup (the Western Washington State Fair) every year. The funny thing is we’ve kind of streamlined what we do and see every year to the point that we really only spend about 3 hours tops on the Fairgrounds – still, we wouldn’t miss it for the world! First thing we do is go for the Fisher Scone wagon for 2 scones and a milk – they switched from Wilcox to Darigold this year, no discernable difference in the milk, but the carton vs. the previous bottle is a step back and caused problems later with spillage in Nich’s bag. It was a little drizzly in the morning, but we had light jackets so no problems. We walked around and through the horse barns, the baby animal barn, the Hobby hall and Events hall, the Exhibition hall and the Floral displays:

Then we stopped at Pete’s BBQ for lunch – as soon as we sat down (under the awning) it started to rain, then Rain, and then OMG RAIN!

We were lucky to be under cover!

There were plenty of people who were not so lucky!The crazy thing was, just when we couldn’t delay leaving any longer, the rain stopped! Yay! So we walked around for a short time, I bought my traditional Baker’s Dozen scones to-go (I have a list of people who get scones annually) and we headed for the car. No sooner had we gotten on the road but it started to pour again. We always stop at IKEA because it is on the way home, but generally too far for casual trips – I had made a run to IKEA last week, too, but I needed a few things I couldn’t get the week before. So we park at IKEA and the rain stops. We shop (I picked up a dish drainer for Extended Care and two inexpensive side tables so my livingroom lamps don’t have to sit on the ground), head out to the car, and decide to go to JoAnn Fabrics because the South Center store is like a Super Store – so we’re on the road and – you guessed it – it starts dumping BUCKETS OF RAIN – but this time with bright 70° sunshine pouring on us at the same time! Everytime we got out of the car it stopped and almost everytime we got under cover it started again – we drove in and out of squalls on the way home, too. Crazy! But we had scones in our tummies, good music for the road, and a long standing fall tradition to uphold – NTM a great, long standing friendship to celebrate!

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