Posted by: JulieAloha | October 30, 2012

10.29.12: Allergies = Insomnia

It’s 4am and I’ve been up much of the night with a stuffy head and nose, or rather a stuffy, runny, swollen left nostril; how is it only one side of my sinuses can be so beset and the other just fine? Conspiracy, I tell you.

Yesterday was my Dad’s 83rd Birthday – Happy Birthday, Pop! I called him and sang to him, we had gone out to lunch to celebrate on Sunday with Mom, Ella and Robin. It was a pretty busy day yesterday: washed my hair; volunteered at the Lake City Library Story Time with Nancy, my friend Jono’s mother; went grocery shopping for the first time since the beginning of September – not including a Cost-Co run in early October, but you know what I mean, grocery-groceries; then the birthday call to Dad. After the felicitations, I picked Jono up at NSCC and we kicked it for a few hours at his house – he had evening plans with some friends, so I finished the night with some dinner and NetFlix and tried to go to sleep. Yeah. That’s when the faucet in my sinuses began to drip incessantly, albeit one-sidedly. I’ve gone through most of a box of tissue, drugged myself mercilessly with antihistamine, tried variations of heat and cold, and stuffed cotton up my nose, all to no avail. So I’m having a cup of tea, holding an ice-pack to my eye and nose, and documenting my irritation for posterity.

Oh, Sleep, why dost thou leave me?

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