Posted by: JulieAloha | November 1, 2012

10.31.12: Happy Halloween!

I love to spend time with friends and today was a red letter day in that respect. My day began with an outing with my friend Kellie who asked me to accompany her to make a donation of toys to Children’s Hospital; her sister, who passed away last spring, had an extensive collection of toy bears – four large boxes of them – and Kellie wanted to make certain they went somewhere they would be appreciated. The Hospital was very grateful to receive the gift and Kellie was pleased to cross another item off her extensive ToDo list. We went to lunch at University Village and talked and talked and talked. Kellie and I went to College together in Virginia, then Kellie moved to Seattle a few years after we graduated and lived with me for a few months until she found her feet. We lost track of each other for a time, but have recently reconnected and treasure the friendship all the more for the lapse.
During lunch I received a phone call from Woodland Park Zoo – I had applied for a temporary position for the Holidays for their new WildLights program – and was asked to attend a meeting next Tuesday morning; I’m SO happy and excited!!! It’s not a permanent position, but it is with the Education dept. and it’s just one step closer to what I really want to be doing from now on; I’m determined to return to the Zoo!
After lunch, Kellie dropped me off at home and I immediately jetted out to pick Jono up from school. We hung out the rest of the day, he mostly working on homework, me just kicking it and watching TV, occasionally teasing and kidding with each other – we have one of those relationships where we can just relax in each other’s company, not needing to fill the quiet spaces with chatter or worrying about entertaining one another – very comfortable. It seems very strange that we have only known each other a few months and yet have settled into such an easy pattern of camaraderie – we spend a great deal of time together and it feels very natural, like hanging with family. Sometimes we talk about how crazy it is that we have fallen in together so quickly, but why question a good thing, right? We grabbed Chinese for dinner, returned to watch the finale of “Face Off” with Jono’s Dad, and called it a night. Tomorrow I’m helping ferry Jono’s Mom, Nancy, about on some errands and Friday I’m helping them as well – Saturday Jono and I will be hanging again, too, which will make every day this week. Works for me! Should I begin the WildLights position, I will lose my evening hours at Jono’s, but I know we’ll still find time to hang.
So, I got to spend the entire day with friends today and had good news to boot. I am so blessed!

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