Posted by: JulieAloha | November 30, 2016


The surface hides an empty core,
Unseen depths washed cold with pain.
Abandoned to anguish and bitterness
by one who once professed to love.

Day without virtue, night without rest,
Life without love isn’t living.
I gave him my all, he threw me away,
taking my heart without giving.

The face you see masks darkest shade,
Tides of mourning ebb and flow.
False life without, dark loss within,
engulfed by an ocean in shadow.

I do not want help, I do not want saving,
I wish only the nightmare to end.
The one who could give aid cast me out of his life,
now I languish, betrayed by a friend.

The thinnest of shells binds the pantomime doll,
The painted on smile, eyes unseeing.
The nothing within eats away at my soul,
a wraith, unsubstantial and hollow.

Day without light, night without succor,
Fading away, breath by breath.
I begged him for parley, he cut me off cold,
rejected, alone, craving death.




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