Posted by: JulieAloha | January 9, 2017

Good-bye sweet Maggie

Woke this morning from a really vivid dream in which I was watching my mom’s place while she was out of town and suddenly her little dog, Maggie, was there. I was shocked because I knew she had died last year, but she was so real I started to hope I’d been mistaken. I called her name and she wagged her tail and sneezed, then shook all over, making her tags jingle. She was wearing her red harness. I watched her run around, playing, sniffing. Then I called her over and picked her up and held her, stroking her soft fur, smelling her puppy smell and I said, “oh, puppy-girl, please let this be real,” and started to cry. Slowly my awareness began to change and I fought waking up, holding her and crying, “don’t leave me, Mags, please don’t go!” She nuzzled me and wagged and tucked her head under my chin and I woke, holding tight to my pillow and bawling my eyes out. 

Maggie, 10/27/04-5/2/16

I miss you, sweet girl. ❤

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