Posted by: JulieAloha | March 24, 2017

365 Gratitude Project – Day 83: My Phone

March 24, 2017

Today I had reason to be grateful for my phone as I left it sitting on the table at home and had to do without it all day at work. I know, I know, there was a time you didn’t need to be constantly checking your phone for messages or social media or games or what-have-you, but I’ve always been a techie and I rely on my phone for a little bit of everything – which is made painfully conspicuous when one has to do without. I use my phone as my clock to get me back from breaks on time, and my pedometer to count my steps and achieve a goal each day. I use it for entertainment, music, videos, games, and podcasts. It is my camera and video recorder, it holds my notes and thoughts and is my primary tool to write this blog. I use it to do my banking, check my stocks and my credit score, even buy my StarBucks! It is my connection to friends and family and news and information through FaceBook, Twitter and the Net. And it is a source of communication through text messages, email and, of course, as a phone.

I remember years ago my 7th grade science teacher, Mr. Jones, as he was teaching us to write lines of the most basic code on our brand new TRS-80’s, telling us that within our lifetime we would have computers with vast amounts of information and facility which we could hold in the palm of our hands – you were oh so prophetic, sir. What would we do without our phones today?

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