Posted by: JulieAloha | March 25, 2017

365 Gratitude Project – Day 84: Weather

March 25, 2017

I’m grateful for the weather and all her changes of dress, but today ran the gamut from gray skies to blue, downpours to shirt-sleeve warm, stormy clouds to white puffy ones, and the progressions between each stage were rapid and repeated. It made for an interesting day at the Zoo.

As the weather would clear and brighten the crowds would increase, lines would form and the grounds filled with families and visitors. Then it would rapidly cloud over with chill winds and rain spatters and things would begin to slow down, the numbers thin and jackets and umbrellas would appear. A sudden cloudburst would trigger a mass exodus as people ran for their cars, huddling children together and hugging the buildings to stay dry. Then a quick falling off of rain, increase of light and warmth, a rainbow in the sky and you’d hardly know it had rained at all. Quite a show!

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