Posted by: JulieAloha | April 5, 2017

365 Gratitude Project – Day 95: Rain Check

April 5, 2017

These last few days I was grateful that the meetings and activities which had been scheduled did not come to pass. I was prepared to push through if need be, to put duty before self, but I have a cold and was more than grateful to be able to stay home in bed and nurse myself with Benadryl, sleep, soup and tea. There is a relief to be able to let go of responsibilities and allow yourself the time and space to rest and heal.

An Empty Field

by Raymond A. Foss

Brown-yellow long grasses
rising again,
after the weight of the snow
gone away for another year
an empty fallow field
ringed by young white pine
standing still behind the fence by the road
a square of open space
between the houses
before the woods beyond

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