Posted by: JulieAloha | April 24, 2017

365 Gratitude Project – Day 114: Spring Cleaning and Sushi

April 24, 2017

I’m grateful to have had a day off today and I used it to tackle Spring Cleaning! I ran the dishwasher and unloaded it…and filled it and ran it and unloaded it. I washed pots and pans and counters, swept the floor from the kitchen through to the bathroom and went through a pile of mail which I almost entirely recycled. I dusted the living room and boxed up Christmas decorations and craft supplies, took PartyLite samplers apart and boxed up tea lights and votives – these will be moved to my Mom’s storage space in preparation for Listing my condo sometime in the next month or so. I cleaned the bathroom, did laundry, swiffered the bedroom floor and changed the bed and washed all the bedding (except for the winter comforter – it’s too big for my washer). I even rearranged the bedroom furniture – starting to stage for potential buyers. I still have a ton of work to do, but I felt accomplished nonetheless for getting so much done in one day.

PS: I also made spicy chicken sushi with cucumber, avocado and sriracha!

Spring Cleaning

by Lil chappy

A new season a new reason to dispose of all things not needed’

U can’t understand the game of life if u just heard of it & never considered reading-

Tune in my child I’m not jus biblically speaking ,but if u pay attention to the words u can say its a heart thats Teaching-

Whoeva seeking to give them something to believe in, while most enjoy decievin offering you make belief achievements-

To busy broadcasting the fairytale

U forgot that reality sales-

U know reality TV rules, but ur trapped in a chess game where u cant conjur a thought of where to move-

It takes brain & confidence it takes heart & common sense, but u lost that and now changing the channels tryna discover where the hell it went-

U r no longer you and have discovered you have lost yourself, Looking through the mirror mirror on the wall not realizing there’s no reflection there.

It’s a new season and the old shows are no longer needed,

So rather call it Teaching I’d just call it advice an introduce you to some spring cleaning.. Cleaning out the closet

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