Posted by: JulieAloha | April 26, 2017

365 Gratitude Project – Day 116: the J-O-B

April 26, 2017

I’m not usually at the Zoo on Wednesdays, but I was asked to work this one to help cover shifts. I worked at the school tent again, helping to check in 21 field trip groups, a sizable day with few hiccups. I also covered breaks for Guest Services South, which always gives me a certain feeling of satisfaction – I like to be able to help people. On my own breaks everyday I go walk around the Zoo  – I know routes from each location which will take just the right amount of time to get back before the end of my 15 or 30 minutes and still leave enough leeway to be able to help people on grounds who need assistance, whether that be giving directions someplace or information about an exhibit or animal or sometimes just a nod and a smile. I like to be able to help my coworkers too, I look for opportunities to lend a hand, to anticipate a need. It’s all a part of customer service, teamwork, and work ethic…and love. Because I love working at the Zoo. It fills a need I have to give of myself and I believe in the mission of the Zoo as a whole and our department in specific – I’m passionate about my job and I feel Woodland Park Zoo is worthy of that passion. What an amazing thing to receive so much joy and fulfillment from your workplace. I am blessed.

Love Your Work

by H.L. Neri

If you don’t like your work,
You’ll need three times the energy
To force yourself to work
To resist the force
And finally to work.

If you love your work,
Your desire to do it
Will be like a wind
To propel your ship
With much less fuel.

If you like your work,
You work no more
For work when you like it
Is work no longer
But sheer enjoyment.

If you enjoy your work,
You’ll work and work
Without counting the hours
And you’ll reap and enjoy
More earnings as well

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