Posted by: JulieAloha | May 5, 2017

365 Gratitude Project – Day 125: Green

May 5, 2017

Most people think of Cinco de Mayo today, but with all the turmoil surrounding my health the last few days I needed some peace and quiet – the Zoo is good for that, especially on an overcast weather day. I was supposed to work at the West gate, but we had a few call-outs and I was asked to cover South Guest Services again – a relief considering my new meds and diet regimen; when you start taking metformin it plays havoc with your digestive tract and having ready access to a bathroom can be key. I was also able to eat snacky mini meals every 3 hours or so, veggies and almonds in small portions, and drink LOTS of water all day, trying to kick my pancreas and metabolism into action which could ease the load on my kidneys. I walked 9963 steps or 4.3 miles, mostly enjoying the green coolness of the new leaves and green alleys of the Zoo grounds. 

I found the beauty of the surrounding flora so restful even as I pushed myself to walk a little briskly, making the most of each break. There were a few places I stopped just to let the stillness sink in or to chat with a visitor or answer a question, each activity providing me with a sense of achievement and positive interaction. It was fairly slow at Guest Services so I had time to begin coloring a new picture in my Lost Oceans coloring book:

I find coloring to be restful and it gives me the ability to focus outside myself for a time. I was grateful for a quiet,calm day, and for the green. 

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