Posted by: JulieAloha | May 30, 2017

365 Gratitude Project – Day 150: Snow Kitty

May 30, 2017

Last year at this time I had the sweetest little visitor: Snow. Early one morning I woke and heard this squeaking and scratching at my bedroom window and I lifted the shade and peered out to see this gorgeous white kitty sitting there, staring back at me. She squeaked at me again and pawed at the window, so I opened it and she jumped in, purring, and made herself right at home. 

She had no collar and her paws were a little worn; I wondered if she had traveled far, I’d never seen her in the neighborhood. So I let her hang out with me until I had to go to work, then set her outside and closed the window. I didn’t expect to see her again, but she was there squeaking at the window when I got home. I let her in and let her stay – she was such a love, wanting to be next to me all the time, following me everywhere, always squeaking a hoarse little meow, answering when I spoke to her. I walked around the neighborhood, up and down the street, she accompanied me but gave no indication of where she might belong and no one I met recognized her. When I headed home she followed and settled on the sofa as if she’d always been there. At night I left the window open in case she needed to go out, she always returned. She seemed determined to stay, so I picked up cat food, some toys, a litter box and litter, and a scratch pad. 

I could have kept her, but she was such a sweet little kitty I was sure someone was missing her. As a last effort to discover her owner I borrowed a crate and took her to a vet to see if she were chipped – by this time I was hoping she was not – but she was. Her chip was unregistered, but when I called the company to inquire they told me the chip had been part of a lot given to the Seattle Humane Society. I could have let things lie there, she’d been with me for almost two weeks by this time, but no, that’s just not me. I called the Humane Society and they checked their records – they had a listing for the family who’d adopted her; as it turned out, they lived about a block and a half away. The Humane Society called them and the family contacted me and my Snow, their Hazel, was reunited…

…and I never saw her again. 

But for two happy weeks I had Snow in May and I am grateful. 

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