Posted by: JulieAloha | June 3, 2017

365 Gratitude Project – Day 154: Bear Affair

June 3, 2017

Today was Bear Affair and it went beary well, or at least I heard bearly any complaints (though I’m sure I will if I continue being punny). Once a year we focus on bears in the Northwest, we invite conservation organizations such as Western Wildlife Outreach, Conservation Northwest and Wolf Haven to come share their message. 

There are crafts and giveaways, demonstrations by Fish and Wildlife and their Karelian Bear Dog program as well as our favorite demonstration where we set up a scene in the brown bear exhibit and let the boys go to town on it to show how not to set up a campsite or, in this case, a backyard wedding!

Photo by Aliya Summers

One of the big conservation efforts we’ve been involved with this year has been the North Cascades Grizzly Bear Restoration program. Bears play a key role in the wilderness, but brown bears in our region have become so rare that there is a very real possibility they face regional extinction. Interested in learning more or adding your voice? Check out Conservation Northwest’s website for more info. 

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