Posted by: JulieAloha | June 5, 2017

365 Gratitude Project – Day 156: Check-In with the Supervisors

June 5, 2017

Today I arrived very early and had time for a really long walk around Zoo grounds. I visited the Visayan warty pigs and the Thai Village, looping through the Tropical Asian forest path. Across from the Kea exhibit I was drawn by the sweet, spicy fragrance of the yellow blossoms pictured below – I stood and inhaled the heady aroma, eyes closed and with a smile of contentment – they reminded me of pikake, which sent my mind to Hawaii. Just lovely! 🌺

A couple times a year we have a meeting with the Sups to check-in, see how things are going and get feedback on job performance. Naturally everyone gets a little anxious about these meetings, even if there’s no reason to be worried, but this year I felt prepared and calm and was looking forward to the event. I truly appreciate that we receive feedback and constructive criticism from our administrative team, both from direct observation of the Supervisors and notes from the Leads. It gives us the opportunity to learn and grow and it makes it clear that they hold us to a high standard of expectation. 

I was so pleased to hear that they felt I was doing very well, that they appreciate my dedication and hard work, my customer service and sense of teamwork. They noted my love of the job, my consistency of attendance and punctuality, my patience and empathy in difficult situations and my positive attitude. One of the Lead notes really touched me, saying how they had appreciated my growing ease and confidence in Guest Services – I’ve worked very hard to learn every aspect of this complicated and important part of my job and it feels so good to have that effort be acknowledged! They also noted how I’ve taken my performance goals to heart; each of my goals are ongoing, needing updating and revision from time to time and they’ve appreciated the consistent feedback I’ve provided on my progress. 

I still have areas to improve upon, and I will continue to hold myself to a high level of expectation, but overall I was gratified and humbled by my review. 


  1. Ha! THEY should be humbled…they’re lucky to have you!


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