Posted by: JulieAloha | June 6, 2017

365 Gratitude Project – Day 157: Go Mariners!!

June 6, 2017


Once or twice a season one of my coworkers makes arrangements for Mariners tickets – this time we had about 25 people attend. It’s always fun to go out with friends, great when you get to see an amazing game, and just look at that beautiful skyline! 

Mariners won 12-3 and there were some spectacular moments – 7 runs alone in one inning – a couple loaded bases with a double and a homer to run them in. There were a bunch of kids in the next section over who cheered enthusiastically throughout most of the game – we smiled and giggled at their energy. But one of the best moments of the evening was the virtual hydroplane race – they do this every home game and there are three boats, red, green and yellow – from the moment we arrived at the ballpark the bets were on. The boats line up on the big screen and the crowd cheers their favorite – we were on our feet screaming, calling out our colors, but no one more invested than Alex. Little did we know, one of the cameras was trained on our group and when the yellow boat came in first they got Alex’s victory dance in slow motion on the Jumbotron!! What a game!! What a night!!

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