Posted by: JulieAloha | June 9, 2017

365 Gratitude Project – Day 160: Baby Shower

June 9, 2017

A new life is always something to be grateful for – one of my coworkers is having a baby! We got together after work to celebrate the coming bundle of joy with food and crafts, gifts and games. We signed messages in a few Golden Books, had cookies and fruit and veggies, chips and guacamole, and colored and tie-dyed onesies for the baby – this child will have to change clothes ten times a day to wear it all! 

Cezanne and Kyle received several hand crocheted blankets, a beautiful quilt, a variety of books, oh-so-soft stuffed animals, and the sweetest little outfits, hats and booties – they’ve chosen to be surprised at the baby’s gender so colors ranged from soft yellows and greens with a Zoo theme to match the nursery. Even their pup General got involved with the gift opening. 

We filled out our predictions for the Big Day, pink or blue nappies for our guess at gender. Then we divided into teams for a baby themed relay: Part one – drink a bottle of pedialyte/vodka (EWWW and NO, not a recipe for baby) – this was far more difficult than it looked; Part two – guess the baby food – not bad really, though I didn’t care for the peas; Part three – guess the mess in the diaper – identity the melted candy bar; and Part four – undress and diaper the baby, redress and swaddle, then read a story to the baby – Carolyn takes the prize for speed reading while rocking the baby so fast it probably had whiplash! 😆

A fun-filled evening with a great group of people for a very special reason. Congratulations Kyle and Cezanne; may your child be happy and healthy and may your lives together be blessed with love and joy and laughter! ❤️

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