Posted by: JulieAloha | February 4, 2018

Personal Reading Challenge 2018: Book #15: Quiet Until the Thaw by Alexandra Fuller

This novel is a careful blend of fact and fiction, a story pulled from the sad history of what was done to Native American culture and lives and the personal consequences the two main characters face as a result. Each man contends with restrictions and forces he isn’t allowed to resist, but reacts very differently in the choices he makes. One complies outwardly, but looks within, embracing quiet and tradition to draw spiritual strength and wisdom; the other seeks to circumvent, to escape the restrictions set upon his people and yet comes to resemble the worst part of the people he resents, turning his back on his own. An uncomfortable story, but as with most such stories, it has important lessons to impart.

P.S. This was one of the Admissions Challenge books I hadn’t been able to complete before the end of the Challenge

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