Posted by: JulieAloha | April 25, 2017

365 Gratitude Project – Day 115: Installation

April 25, 2017

Finally, FINALLY the Computer Lab computers have been upgraded (thank you, Mike!!) It’s been long months of waiting for paperwork and committee work and scheduling and whatnot – but the computers have new hard drives with more capacity and capability and I’m thrilled. While Mike completed the installation, I managed to complete a number of jobs I’ve been meaning to tackle. I went through all the books in the library section, organizing and weeding out outdated materials, some of which we are hoping to replace digitally with (yet another) tech grant. I also worked my way through the children’s area, sorting and cleaning and fixing toys and materials, collecting some which are too noisy for the Lab to trade out at the Family Center, and gathering dress up clothes and puppets and stuffies to wash at home. The supply closet is organized and I swept and mopped and cleaned the bathroom (we don’t have janitorial services). I also spent time researching laptops, tablets, chairs, apps, and printers for the abovementioned new tech grant proposal. And this was all before 2:30!

In the afternoon I took the toys I needed to replace over to the Center and met my manager to take a field trip over to the STAR Center to view their computer lab and volunteer program. Very informative trip! We met up with our Volunteer Coordinator for CHS there and we picked up materials and ideas we can use to form our own volunteer program for our computer lab. We came back very satisfied and enthusiastic to get things rolling.

This was a very productive day!


by Stevan Eikevik

Without heart and mind, the work is drudgery
With heart, the work happily goes astray.
With mind, the work is awash in planning and thinking
With heart and mind, the work is a source of fulfillment for all

by Joel Barker
Their hands are busy…
their hearts join their work with joy;
the world grows better

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