Posted by: JulieAloha | October 28, 2012

10.28.12: Still Unemployed

I feel this obligation to write something for my blog at least once in a while, but then I get stuck as to what to send out into the wide wide world – daily trivialities can seem a little whiny, and to be completely honest I haven’t had any great happenings in my life lately; still I should probably catch you up a bit. I finished my summer job at Woodland Park Zoo

at the end of August and began my current status as the newly unemployed, having resigned my position at the Children’s Center. I’ve diligently pursued other modes of employment, but would really like to return to the Zoo, so I haunt their jobs page a little more frequently than others. I have been able to return at least temporarily to the Zoo for a one day Camp, which was held on an Inservice Day, and I’ve worked one Parents’ Night Out (PNO) and am scheduled to work the next one as well. Much of the intervening time has been filled with some family stuff, lots of NetFlix (just finished “Bones” through season 6 and started the “Doctor Who” series), painting ornaments


and crocheting scarves to sell at Holiday Bazaars, and some outings with friends. Most of my free time has been spent in the company of one of the people I met this summer at the Zoo, Jono

we’ve become incredibly close, so much so that we’ve come in for a fair amount of teasing on his behalf and concerned comments on mine. Jono is 20, I’m 43 and certain “cougar” comments have made us a little uncomfortable, but that’s not enough to ruin our friendship, which is what we have built – nothing sexual going on, just a growing bond of laughter and fun, deep conversation and mutual support. I’ve pretty much been adopted into his family – we discovered late in the summer that we live only minutes apart – and I’m over at their house several days a week. I’ve formed a friendship with Jono’s parents as well and am volunteering at the Lake City Library with Jono’s mother for Story Time every Monday morning plus some other special events. I finally had to apply for Unemployment at the beginning of October, but am hopeful that will become unnecessary soon. On a really positive note, my diabetes is more controlled than it has been in several years; confirming the choice to resign my job to alleviate stress and hardship.
Heading out soon to celebrate my Dad’s 83rd birthday. That about does it for now – I’ll try to expand upon these subjects more thoroughly in coming days.

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